Taking My Cue From the Wisdom of Nature

I’m looking out my dining room window at the handful of golden orange leaves which remain on my Service Berry tree. Of all the trees in my garden, the service berry is one of the last to lose its leaves. The theme of letting go is ever present with the end of fall and the movement toward winter. It is a time to tune into the season; nature as teacher, reminding me of what I need to pay attention to in my own life. The letting go process without and within. What old idea, habit, or grievance needs to be released? As the tree transfers its nutrients from the leaves to the roots, I also turn my attention to my own rooting process. The inward and downward energy of the winter months is whispering to me. What nutrients do my own roots need? What energy do I need to ground and think of nurturing?

These ideas are not new, in fact the gift of the seasonal change reminds me that I’ve been in this place before, I know this cycle well. But I’m encountering these ideas from a slightly different place, my current present moment. This time of transition and change is a wonderful reminder for me to honour what I inherently know. To take note of what has shifted in my life since last year at this time. What do I need to remember as I encounter these concepts in this moment ? How can I tune into my instincts more acutely and pay attention to the signals from my body? What is calling for my attention - asking for more energy or less? What structures do I need to put in place so the practices that serve me actually become a priority in my life? Do I need more meditation and less running or the other way around? What do I need to recommit to at this point in the year? At this juncture of my life? How can I stay curious when I am in a place that feels so familiar and I think I know how it all plays out?

As the afternoon sun hits the branches of the tree, I feel grateful for the shift in the season. I welcome the idea of hunkering in with my creativity; of sipping tea reading a book or seeing the trees with a new bare branch perspective. The opportunity to reconnect, ground and prepare for the growth which inevitably will follow. Trusting in the wisdom of nature.