The Coaching Process




The process is about a willingness to experiment, beyond judgement of right or wrong, focusing instead on learning, growing and connection.

In my initial stages of work with a client I gather information in terms of where they are presently in their life and in the moment, and where they hope to go.


We design an alliance and outline expectations of the coaching relationship, setting the foundation for working collaboratively.   As we move forward with the work, we explore values, beliefs and steps to be taken to move into action. This is a process of discovery and exploration ultimately leading to action.  Clients leave each session with homework and inquiries best suited to their specific situation.


During the coaching conversations I ask clients to be aware of what is happening in their head, heart and body.  I integrate creative questions, metaphor and shifting body movement to open up new avenues of approaching a specific topic.  One of my favourite things I hear from client’s is: “What I’m just realizing now in talking to you is.....”    Awareness is power - choice and action spring forward from this place, as well as practice, lots of practice.



I consciously balance creating a nurturing environment with fierce compassion on behalf of the client’s growth.  The coaching environment is a confidential, safe space.  Above all else, the coaching conversation is in service of the client;  it is not about solving an issue or coaching a specific situation, but rather maintaining the focus on how the client can best show up in their life.


In Co-Active coaching I support clients to take small steps and big leaps, and everything in between.  In order to see the benefits of this process a three month time commitment is suggested. I will sit down to a conversation with you in person, or we can have our discussion over the phone.

Fee Structure

There is an initial 1.5 hour Discovery Session which sets the foundation of our coaching. The Discovery Session fee is $100. After that, the coaching fee is $250.00 per month, which includes:

  • 2 x 45 minute coaching sessions, either by phone or in person
  • email support in between sessions

The frequency of sessions can be adapted to suit your needs. I offer a complimentary sample session to determine if we are a good fit.