Testimonials — See what my clients are saying about their journey with me.

My experience working with Pam has been positive and engaging. She’s often had me work out of my comfort zone, challenging me to try new things and new approaches to problems. Pam’s lack of judgment makes it easy to open up and be honest. She digs into the heart of issues and offers support the whole way through. Pam has guided me in the direction of more positive thinking, giving me tools that I can carry with me long after sessions are over.
— LG, Toronto
I liked it because it empowered me to use my own tools, you didn’t solve it for me. You shone a light on my strengths, identified my strengths.
— MB, Florida
Something happened in yesterday’s session that has got me thinking differently. I feel more positive, happy, and am very consciously stopping my brain from heading down dangerous thinking patterns that make me feel guilty, burdened, and unhappy. You helped wake me up yesterday and now I’m trying to continue staying awake on my own.
— LG, Toronto
...I really felt that the emphasis on me and what I can do helped to really force me to think creatively about this situation, which I have already spent A LOT of time thinking about. Really and sincerely, ...this is a real game changer for me… And I like it!
— MM, Toronto
When I first started my work with Pam I felt lost and disengaged from my life. Then, even after our very first session, her warmth, thought provoking questions, and astute ability to dig beneath the words she heard me say, helped me to clearly identify what was important to me. As our work continued I found myself leaving our sessions feeling invigorated and focused. With Pam’s help I discovered the courage to re-invest in the things I was truly passionate about, which not only left me feeling a sense of ease but changed the direction of my life for the better!
— JS, Toronto