What is Co-active Coaching?

Co-Active Coaching is about connection. Connection to self, to others and to what brings meaning to your life. It is about discovery, awareness and choice. Ultimately coaching is about empowering people to find their own answers, supporting them in the process. My intention is to help my clients step into their own lives with more awareness, presence and joy.

In Co-Active coaching we focus on the balance between the “Being” and “Doing” -what is  your best state of being and how you take action out into the world from that place.  How do you best show up in life so that you can move forward with resolve toward your goals.  One of the fundamental cornerstones we keep returning to in Co-Active Coaching, is the assumption that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Coaching is a good fit for you if:

*You’re looking for support as you take the next step forward toward your personal and professional goals. ( Your looking forward to new paths and higher vistas and want support with this process  - not sure if this is cheesey and might be pushing the path metaphor ??)

*You’re feeling stuck and you’re ready to shift into action. You’re ready to take responsibility and do the work.  ( You’ve started down one path and are feeling weary, wondering if this is still the right route for you)

*You’re seeking clarity and purpose around living a fulfilled life.

*You’re in transition, looking for objective support in your process.

*You’re longing to build a better relationship with yourself and others.

What are the benefits of a coaching relationship?

Support and encouragement - for you to celebrate your strengths, and call forth parts of yourself that are longing for fuller expression.

Compassion and accountability  – helping you to stand up to, and expand your limiting beliefs. Helping you to see an issue from a new perspective.

An ally in the process - honouring your values, encouraging you to make empowered choices and get into action.

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not therapy although there are aspects of the coaching process that may feel therapeutic.  In coaching we explore the present and focus on moving forward.  We don’t analyze the past or look for reasons why behaviours exist.  Emotions naturally arise when we are talking about life purpose and living fully engaged lives. In the coaching conversation we honour those emotions and see how they inform the moment for deeper awareness.  Working with a coach can be a great supplement for therapy but is not a substitute.